Here follows the scrapbook of a 34 year old Paris born Irishman living in Amsterdam. Cycling, photography, architecture, design, and style.(Most of these images are NOT mine, but reblogged from tumblr. Some images are NSFW or of an adult nature. All credits for images, unless otherwise explicitly visible, are set as click-through to source where image was found. If any images are incorrectly sourced, please contact me and I will happily correct the accreditation or remove the image)

Friday whites #Rapha @rapha_europe @rapharacing (at Atradius Global Headoffice)

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  5. thinkingwins said: I am down to the Sidi Wire or the Rapha Grand Tours, but I ride speedplay and prefer the Sidi Speedplay sole. I am tempted by the Raphas though. How do you like them?
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    Rando going at it again.
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